Your home is your safe space and where you arguably spend most of your time. Because of this, it should be a place that makes you feel good to spend a lot of time at. There is no better way to feel comfortable than being in beautiful surroundings that you can be proud of, here are 3 cost effective ways to Spruce up your Home.


Lighting can really add ambience to a room and can be a really inexpensive way to make any room look better. Check out local shops and online to find some cheap lighting tools. Amazon and eBay are great sources for hanging fairy lights and quirky lamps, just keep your eyes peeled and you’ll be able to come across plenty of bargains. If you’re looking at any online sites you can come across bargains, as well as discount coupons to bring the price down even further. If you’re looking at finding some coupons, it may be worth looking at sites like, where you’ll find lots of options.


Thrifting has made a come back in recent years and because of this, thrift shops have been receiving new and trendy donations all of the time. You can find some really good pieces of furniture in thrift shops like tables or ornaments for a fraction of the original price. A lot of the furniture that you can find are in perfect condition.

Pillows and throws

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The power of pillows and throws is very underappreciated. Adding a colourful and quirky pillow to an item of furniture will really Spruce it up and give it new life. The same can be said for throws. If you feel like your sofa or couch could use with an upgrade but don’t have the funds for it, adding a colourful and comfy throw to it can make it feel like a whole new piece of furniture.

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