Everyone is bound to get bored of their own homes; and thus will be keen to make changes to their home to keep it feeling fresh. I am certain after this passage you will be checking this week’s xsmn results to see if you too could make these improvements to your own home.

Kitchen Modernisation

Every kitchen needs a little spruce up every now and then so why not go all out. They say the heart of a home is in the kitchen so some nice improvements will completely transform your household.

Attic Conversion

The attic conversion is perfect if you feel a little bit cramped in your home. Perhaps an unexpected child is on the way and you do not wish to move. Your attic has so much untapped space, this will push your house to its full potential.

Build a Conservatory

The classic build! Nothing quite says affluent like a newly built conservatory. Perfect for some late-night drinks under the stars with your family.

Install an Arga

An arga is a perfect money-saving investment; but what is it? A water-based device that will allow you to heat your entire household. An arga will give you total control with ease and will especially keep you warm during those colder winter months.

Install Solar Panels

Solar panels are a new clean energy option for home. Unlike the popular myth solar panels look extremely modern and stylish on your home. Solar panels can also save you a lot of money in the long term; supplying your house with a whole new energy stream.

Install Double Glazed Windows

Finally, you should install some double glazed windows; which will again save you money and keep your home warm. Double glazed look no different to the single glazed window, but will keep the heat in and the cold out.



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