A Guide to Septic Tank Maintenance for Home Owners

So, you’ve just went and bought yourself a house. If you’ve had the chance to explore all of the nooks and crannies you may discover that your house has a septic tank. What is a septic tank, I hear you ask? Well, a septic tank is a type of chamber, most often found underground. It’s typically used to collect domestic sewage and it allows it to decompose naturally before it’s drained by means of soakaway. That may all sound terribly complicated, and to be honest – it is. But, never fear. If you know these simple tips to keep your septic tank in tip top shape then you’ll be back to getting your feet up in no time.

Get Some help

In order to maintain successful function of your septic tank, it is important to get your septic tank maintained and inspected roughly every three to five years – any longer and you run the risk of your septic tank becoming damaged. It may be quite expensive to hire a professional but think of it as an investment as the alternative could rack up massive bills for damages caused if your septic tank were to overflow or burst – plus it saves you getting your hands dirty. You may need to get your tank checked more frequently depending on the size of your tank and the amount of wastewater being piped into it.

If you think your septic tank may be in need of a check and you’re unsure of the cost, check out septictankpumping.directory to get a quote and find someone near you.

Stop Wasting Water

Many of us have gotten complacent with our water usage. For the average household in the United States, a typical small family with 2 or 3 children can end up using as much as around 60-80 gallons of water per day! All that water is going straight down the drain, and straight into your septic tank. Small changes like turning off the tap while we brush our teeth or doing fewer washes can make a massive difference to your septic tank.

Be Careful with Your Drains

What many people don’t know is that septic tanks work due to certain types of bacteria living within the tank that are used to eventually break down the waste – much like our own digestive systems. Therefore, crazy as it may sound, in order to maintain the function of your septic tank, you should be more conscious of these bacteria and limit your use of harsh chemicals within your drains. Also be mindful of potential blockages, never put oil or solid food down your drain.

It should be obvious, but if you don’t want your septic tank to get clogged up, make sure you’re aware of what you’re sending down the drain – or it might end up coming out of your wallet too. The easiest way to make sure you’re not sending anything harmful down the toilet is to never flush anything that isn’t human waste or toilet paper – remember, your toilet isn’t a trash can!

Creative Landscaping Ideas for your Garden

They say a mans life is only as green as his garden, and with these landscaping ideas you will transform your space and brighten up your life.

Small Space Garden Design

When you have a small space garden it is important that you make the most of this space. You need to have features that will really stick out, so think bright plants like geraniums or primulas. This will make the most of your space and help your garden really stand out to any visitors.

Water Features

Nothing quite says wow like a good water feature. With water features the bigger is truly better. Try being as grandiose as possible with your feature, this is your gardens statement piece after all. It is also important to allow the local shrubbery to fit in with your feature. The most common form of water feature is made out of a darker stone; therefore you should try match this with earthy colours so less flowers and more grass.

Wildlife Friendly Garden

If you want your garden to become not only a sanctuary to you but the local critters here is some steps you can take to make your garden as wildlife friendly as possible. The most obvious inclusion would be a bird box, this will attract some of the cutest little guys like robins and nuthatches. Be aware though if you own a cat to make sure you place your bird box in a high location. The next inclusion for a wildlife friendly garden might be a little more complex, but a pond is a real boost to your gardens eco system. This will attract a countless amount of wildlife, and they are really unique in any garden.

Japanese Garden design

This next style has become extremely popular over recent years. There are a number of inclusions you can consider here. For shrubbery I would consider a cherry tree, which will give you the iconic Japanese red Spring bloom. I would also highly recommend investing in some bamboo for the Japanese aesthetic. To help improve this aesthetic the inclusion of faithful statues and ornaments is a must. The purpose of a Japanese garden is for it to be peaceful. So the inclusion of a small sand based zen garden is a must. This will allow you to let go of all your stresses after a hard day, giving you the opportunity to express yourself with sand. To complete the aesthetic the inclusion of a small pond with traditional Japanese fish is a must.

If you find the process of landscaping your own garden a bit too confusing, then it may be an idea to hire a professional landscaper. It is important you hire a landscaper that understands the local eco-system. So, if you are in Arizona per-say you should try find a landscaper in buckeye, AZ. This goes for everywhere in America as a local landscaper will hold an understanding of what plants will manage to live or die in your garden.

7 Painting Ideas for Your New Home

New paint on your walls can surge new life into an ever-changing home. It can create a range of feelings when paint is changed, or new patterns are established, such as the intimacy of a cozy room, or the breadth of a large living space. If you’re looking to redecorate, change your color palette or if you’re moving into a new home and want to make it breath your style, here’s some basic ideas to unleash your inner creativity!

  1. Walls don’t all have to be the same color. Try a two-tone wall with warms colors, such as orange and cream to create a sense of relaxation and coziness. This is perfect to create a sense of comfy and quaint. You could even add a dusky red behind the fireplace to add a feeling of even more warmth from the fire. Or grey if you want to create a spacious looking room. InteriorPainter in Calgary are the experts that can design or bring your own ideas to life, using the best paint and extremely skilled workers to get the best home out your home!
  2. Another is using patterns, which are usually most popular with bedrooms. Vertical stripes, diagonal lines or horizontal lines can add a bit of flair on the walls to add more character to a room. You could have an accent wall with stripes and leave the other sides solid color. Other patterns could be abstract lines flowing through the room or rainbow colored Chevron patterns or solid colored blocks.
  3. Strié (or streaking) can add texture to walls to create the look of linen, it’ll add a vast amount of warmth, coziness and rustic feel. It’s perfect on all four walls in a room or as an accent wall to add a bit of spice to the room how it is. It’ll give it the sense of quaint on the inside, a good, up-to-date replication of days before smooth wallpaper.
  4. Sponge painting can add a psychedelic feel to your room, reminiscent of nineteen sixties art that came from the hippy scene. It can also create an earthly, lazy-but-cool feel to the room. It would be brilliant as on one wall, behind the television in the living room, or a desk in a study. It means you can be adventurous in picking colors as well, making a brilliant pattern and a unique color palette in the room.
  5. Polka dots is a great idea to add a bit of eccentricity to a wall. You can mix and match different color palettes to your heart’s desire. You could have red polka dots with a cream background or vice versa. Or even different colored dots. Polka dots would suit a bedroom more than the living room.
  6. Balancing dark colors with bold prints is a great way to add a statement. You could have a dark grey color scheme, with a wall having a turquoise leopard print, this will have a touch of class with an excitement gesture. Or a print of the stars on the ceiling, with dark grey walls for a bedroom for space enthusiasts.
  7. Contrast with the ceiling. Often overlooked, the ceiling can be painted to have a contrasting effect with the walls. If your ceilings are low, painting them lilac will give a look of added height. Create a more dynamic space by contrasting a dark color, such as dark grey walls with a beige ceiling, or the other way around.

Creative Ideas for a Beautiful Home

Anyone can achieve a beautiful home, it is some idea of Edwardian housing that hold so many back, we live in the modern age I do believe. Now there are two ideas of what a person would want from a beautiful home, it is how others conceive this home, but how you interpret your own home.

If you want your house to beautiful to the eyes of many it is important to make that its first impressions count, so you how you design your vestibule or entryway is so important. This is your entrance and exit, the best impressions are to made first or last, the in between, as laughable as that may sound, is rather insignificant. So I would highly suggest putting your best and prettiest pieces near your front door. This may be a nice piece of artwork or vase, all that matters impression created is positive.

It is unlikely you will have people around your home all the time, and every person’s home is their castle. So how do you keep your castle in perfect shape for you. It is all about keeping things fresh, if you awake in the same home, the same colours and the same feel every day you are going to find yourself simply bored. So to create a beautiful home you want to be constantly updating, new pillows for your couch, new colours for your walls and even the smallest things new soap for your bathroom. It is so important to remember beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder, but equally important to remember how consistency creates boredom. So keep looking for fresh ways to update and keep your home not only beautiful, but fresh.

Those are my two true keys, I think it is a very creative idea to keep your vestibule looking lovely so no matter the impression of the rest of your home the introduction and exit is pleasant, and honestly it does not matter if you have the Mona Lisa in your bathroom you will eventually become bored, so try keep your house new and fresh to retain this idea of beauty.