Anyone can achieve a beautiful home, it is some idea of Edwardian housing that hold so many back, we live in the modern age I do believe. Now there are two ideas of what a person would want from a beautiful home, it is how others conceive this home, but how you interpret your own home.

If you want your house to beautiful to the eyes of many it is important to make that its first impressions count, so you how you design your vestibule or entryway is so important. This is your entrance and exit, the best impressions are to made first or last, the in between, as laughable as that may sound, is rather insignificant. So I would highly suggest putting your best and prettiest pieces near your front door. This may be a nice piece of artwork or vase, all that matters impression created is positive.

It is unlikely you will have people around your home all the time, and every person’s home is their castle. So how do you keep your castle in perfect shape for you. It is all about keeping things fresh, if you awake in the same home, the same colours and the same feel every day you are going to find yourself simply bored. So to create a beautiful home you want to be constantly updating, new pillows for your couch, new colours for your walls and even the smallest things new soap for your bathroom. It is so important to remember beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder, but equally important to remember how consistency creates boredom. So keep looking for fresh ways to update and keep your home not only beautiful, but fresh.

Those are my two true keys, I think it is a very creative idea to keep your vestibule looking lovely so no matter the impression of the rest of your home the introduction and exit is pleasant, and honestly it does not matter if you have the Mona Lisa in your bathroom you will eventually become bored, so try keep your house new and fresh to retain this idea of beauty.  

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