They say a mans life is only as green as his garden, and with these landscaping ideas you will transform your space and brighten up your life.

Small Space Garden Design

When you have a small space garden it is important that you make the most of this space. You need to have features that will really stick out, so think bright plants like geraniums or primulas. This will make the most of your space and help your garden really stand out to any visitors.

Water Features

Nothing quite says wow like a good water feature. With water features the bigger is truly better. Try being as grandiose as possible with your feature, this is your gardens statement piece after all. It is also important to allow the local shrubbery to fit in with your feature. The most common form of water feature is made out of a darker stone; therefore you should try match this with earthy colours so less flowers and more grass.

Wildlife Friendly Garden

If you want your garden to become not only a sanctuary to you but the local critters here is some steps you can take to make your garden as wildlife friendly as possible. The most obvious inclusion would be a bird box, this will attract some of the cutest little guys like robins and nuthatches. Be aware though if you own a cat to make sure you place your bird box in a high location. The next inclusion for a wildlife friendly garden might be a little more complex, but a pond is a real boost to your gardens eco system. This will attract a countless amount of wildlife, and they are really unique in any garden.

Japanese Garden design

This next style has become extremely popular over recent years. There are a number of inclusions you can consider here. For shrubbery I would consider a cherry tree, which will give you the iconic Japanese red Spring bloom. I would also highly recommend investing in some bamboo for the Japanese aesthetic. To help improve this aesthetic the inclusion of faithful statues and ornaments is a must. The purpose of a Japanese garden is for it to be peaceful. So the inclusion of a small sand based zen garden is a must. This will allow you to let go of all your stresses after a hard day, giving you the opportunity to express yourself with sand. To complete the aesthetic the inclusion of a small pond with traditional Japanese fish is a must.

If you find the process of landscaping your own garden a bit too confusing, then it may be an idea to hire a professional landscaper. It is important you hire a landscaper that understands the local eco-system. So, if you are in Arizona per-say you should try find a landscaper in buckeye, AZ. This goes for everywhere in America as a local landscaper will hold an understanding of what plants will manage to live or die in your garden.

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