Maybe you’ve bought your first home, or just looking to change things up a bit. Whatever the case, nothing is more invigorating than a bit of home decorating. The layout and colour-scheme of your home has been proven to directly influence the general mood and feeling of your home. And it is an excellent way to let people know what you are all about from the moment they step foot inside. Below are some simple, yet effective ideas you can use spruce things up and get stuck into your next home project.



Paint the halls.

A great place to start with any home Deco project is a fresh lick of paint. It is unbelievable how much good a fresh coat can do for an old, dusty room. A simple way to get started is to plan what colour you want to use. It is proven that different colours affect our moods in different ways. Want an energetic gaming room, head for something bright and vibrant. Want a quiet study, aim for the softer, lighter colours.


Furnishing Is Key

Furniture shopping alone is an oddly enjoyable experience. Getting to browse all the varied and beautiful options available to you. But before you rush headlong into purchases there are a few things to keep in mind.

Firstly, space. Nothing is worse than bringing home that new sofa and it consumes half the room. Make sure you measure up every room and plan ahead where and how things will fit into the room. Drawing up a rough floorplan and bringing it shopping with you will help.

Secondly, colour. This ties in perfectly to your new lick of paint. Think ahead of time what kind of mood the room is trying to achieve. Beyond the paint, the colour of the furniture goes a long way to achieve this. If you want it to clash in a classic art-deco style, go for it. Maybe you want everything to blend together well, in that case, aim for matching colours.

Third, practicality. While it is easy to go nuts and buy everything that looks good, not everything will find use in your home. Are you entertaining enough guests to warrant a second sofa? Are you going to eat at the grand dining table every night? Plan ahead and be smart.



This is the area where you get to let loose and have a lot more fun. Decorating is such a broad area and you have an endless array of options available to you. This is where you will be able to really let people know what you are all about.

The first thing to think about is what decorations will work where in your house. Your collection of movie posters will make an excellent addition to your personal office. The fine art you purchased will hang perfectly above the dining room table. The ornate statues will sit lovingly across the lounge mantle.

It is nearly impossible to go wrong with this. Just shop to your personal taste and don’t be afraid to show off the things that make you who you are.

If you are particularly crafty, then why not try your hand at making some decorations by hand. Nothing is more satisfying than having your own work on display. And for those with a family, crafting decorations together is a fantastic bonding opportunity.



One of the most healthy and effective ways to spruce up any home is the addition of house plants. Aside from having such a wide selection of colourful and gorgeous options, plants can freshen the air and do everything from relieving stress to helping you sleep better. Not to mention they always make a great talking point.