The world of interior design is something that is always going through some form of change, with different things coming in and out of what is popular. Social media plays a huge part in what is considered to be “in right now”, with influencers showing off their interior style on platforms like Twitter and Instagram.



The color grey has been used as a focal interior design aspect for quite a while, it’s a stylish appeal and very clean design aesthetic make it a great color scheme in any modern household.



Ornaments have always been a very popular method of making a house a home, collecting unique pieces that have a personal and meaningful backstory to you is a great way of adding a personal flair to your home. Using ornaments to decorate dates back a long time and this design approach was used as a means of portraying wealth as you have a lot of possessions. Many pieces were often gifts, nowadays you can find great gift options online particularly on vipgearz, which is an online service with a wide selection of ornaments that would make great gifts.



Another more meaningful approach to interior design is the collection and display of antique pieces. The great thing about antiques is that they not only look great but they make your space look a lot more interesting, if you are interested in using antiques within your interior design I would recommend asking about each piece’s backstory as they will probably make great conversation starters when you have guests.



A final interior design trend we have seen recently would have to be a more Rustic appeal. Bare floorboards and a cozy rug, cozy furniture, and a bare brick wall are all common features that would be considered rustic. Although it’s not for everyone if it is you will find that a more rustic design is a great way of creating a homely area.

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