7 Painting Ideas for Your New Home

New paint on your walls can surge new life into an ever-changing home. It can create a range of feelings when paint is changed, or new patterns are established, such as the intimacy of a cozy room, or the breadth of a large living space. If you’re looking to redecorate, change your color palette or if you’re moving into a new home and want to make it breath your style, here’s some basic ideas to unleash your inner creativity!

  1. Walls don’t all have to be the same color. Try a two-tone wall with warms colors, such as orange and cream to create a sense of relaxation and coziness. This is perfect to create a sense of comfy and quaint. You could even add a dusky red behind the fireplace to add a feeling of even more warmth from the fire. Or grey if you want to create a spacious looking room. InteriorPainter in Calgary are the experts that can design or bring your own ideas to life, using the best paint and extremely skilled workers to get the best home out your home!
  2. Another is using patterns, which are usually most popular with bedrooms. Vertical stripes, diagonal lines or horizontal lines can add a bit of flair on the walls to add more character to a room. You could have an accent wall with stripes and leave the other sides solid color. Other patterns could be abstract lines flowing through the room or rainbow colored Chevron patterns or solid colored blocks.
  3. Strié (or streaking) can add texture to walls to create the look of linen, it’ll add a vast amount of warmth, coziness and rustic feel. It’s perfect on all four walls in a room or as an accent wall to add a bit of spice to the room how it is. It’ll give it the sense of quaint on the inside, a good, up-to-date replication of days before smooth wallpaper.
  4. Sponge painting can add a psychedelic feel to your room, reminiscent of nineteen sixties art that came from the hippy scene. It can also create an earthly, lazy-but-cool feel to the room. It would be brilliant as on one wall, behind the television in the living room, or a desk in a study. It means you can be adventurous in picking colors as well, making a brilliant pattern and a unique color palette in the room.
  5. Polka dots is a great idea to add a bit of eccentricity to a wall. You can mix and match different color palettes to your heart’s desire. You could have red polka dots with a cream background or vice versa. Or even different colored dots. Polka dots would suit a bedroom more than the living room.
  6. Balancing dark colors with bold prints is a great way to add a statement. You could have a dark grey color scheme, with a wall having a turquoise leopard print, this will have a touch of class with an excitement gesture. Or a print of the stars on the ceiling, with dark grey walls for a bedroom for space enthusiasts.
  7. Contrast with the ceiling. Often overlooked, the ceiling can be painted to have a contrasting effect with the walls. If your ceilings are low, painting them lilac will give a look of added height. Create a more dynamic space by contrasting a dark color, such as dark grey walls with a beige ceiling, or the other way around.