Canada is a land of luscious landscape, thriving and friendly communities and bountiful wildlife. It is no doubt hundreds flock here to settle down. But, as with any home, you will be faced with a number of problems, including electrical. Finding an electrician in Ottawa or anywhere in Canada shouldn’t be a problem. So below are some of the most common problems you will face.

Short Fuse

Perhaps the most common problem you will face is your electrics short fusing. This could be a random accident but most likely the cause will be you have overloaded a socket with too many appliances. This can simply be fixed by going to your fuse box and resetting the fuses.

Faulty Wiring

This could be a problem with the installed electrics of the house or caused by installing some new tech. If the wiring within the building is off it can have a direct impact on the rest of your electronics. This issue will require a much more professional hand to do as it will involve working with complex wiring.


This is an issue that will present itself in a snowy area. Rolling snowstorms can knock out power grids for a considerable amount of time with no quick fix. If this happens there is very little you can personally do to change it. In an environment where this is possible it is wise to make sure you have emergency torches and candles in safe locations to deal with the dark.


This is one of the more unlikely, yet still possible occurrences. If rodents get into your walls or near some wire lines, they can gnaw through them and cause massive problems with your home electrics. These issues are fixable, but you can stop them before they occur by setting traps for rodents and keeping good hygiene standards.

Rolling Blackouts

Different from a normal blackout, rolling blackouts are sometimes implemented during heavy storm seasons or times when the grid is facing a lot of strain. This is when blackouts happen on a schedule across a certain area. This can cause a lot of problems to your day to day lifestyle and you will need to make sure you are prepared for it by stocking up on supplies.

Electrical Interference

A common occurrence for new homeowners is to get a bunch of new gadgets and fill your home with them. But this can cause electrical interference which is a constant annoyance. It can cause a constant ringing noise that hangs around your house, but it can also cause issues with your other appliances around your house. A lot of the time these issues can manifest as issues that are caused by internal issues, which means you can end up spending money fixing a device that isn’t broken but simply being affected by the interference.

Shoddy Installations

Cowboy installers can cause several issues in your home when it comes to electrical issues. This is why it is vital you find a company that will do a decent job that will not leave you with more issues than you started with. A lot of the more intricate technical installations you will have will require an electrician so you will have to hire someone in to do this. For example, installing new plug sockets or installing new ethernet ports is a full job that requires expertise. And if these jobs are done shoddily you will end up paying more out of pocket.

Shoddy Signal

This is an issue that should be looked into before you decide on where to live. Signalling issues can be caused by any number of things. Electrical interference or physical interference. This can cause massive issues when you want to make mobile calls or utilize wi-fi to its full potential. So when you are purchasing your new home it could be an idea to try making a few calls around the house to make sure the signal is solid. If you find the wi-fi signal in your new home isn’t as strong as it could be you can invest in a wi-fi booster to make it stronger.

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