Our world is slowly becoming more ecological conscious every day. In the last ten years alone we have seen the green effort almost half the amount of CO2 production in certain areas. Generally speaking, people are more aware of our impact on the planet and our environment, and they have been modifying their behaviors and habits to try to reduce their footprint.

But there is still a long way to go. And there is a lot more we can do to reduce our personal impact on the environment. We are aware that the biggest culprits for pollution are massive corporations. But we have a solution that can reduce the demand for these companies and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time.


Food Delivery

Managing your home is no easy task. A constant stream of chores piles up day after day. The job is never done. This includes doing the grocery shopping. But did you know it is actually more environmentally friendly to have your food delivered directly from wholesale markets and small companies? Even more so than going to the market on foot.

This might sound untrue, but let’s break it down for you.

When you go to the supermarket, unless you walk, you are contributing to the CO2 emissions. Electric cars beat this but on average most people won’t have one.

The biggest impact is from the supermarkets themselves. 90% of the products within those stores come from large factories or mega-corporations. The carbon footprint and pollution levels of these factories alone are staggering, this is then paired with the CO2 emissions of the trucks that transport the food around the country.

All of these compounds into a serious effect on our environment. You might be thinking ‘I don’t own these factories, so this isn’t my fault’ and to an extent you are right. But every company works off supply and demand. If there is no demand, they won’t function anymore. This is where buying direct comes in.


Buying Fresh

Take a look at wholesale sites such as dfdelivers.net, they offer you fresh, unprocessed food direct to your door. Cutting out the middle man. There are a number of reasons buying from sites like this are more environmentally friendly.

Firstly, these sites are essentially working as a middle man for smaller farms and markets. These farms often have little to no carbon footprint and are far better for the environment than the sprawling mega-corporations. On top of that, you are supporting small scale businesses which in turn is fantastic for the economy.

Secondly, the CO2 emissions from the transport of these orders are far lower than that of the supermarket process. While it isn’t zero, cutting out the process of delivering to a supermarket cuts the emission numbers below half of what they were.

Lastly, the stores themselves use a lot of energy from the grid constantly. They have to run their vast array of fridges and freezers constantly to make sure the products stay fresh. And considering how many supermarkets there are, this equates to a lot of pollution and energy usage on a daily basis. So, by ordering direct, you are reducing the demand for supermarkets, as well as the giant corporations, and this will hopefully lead to a reduction in the amount of power used.


Of course, change doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and effort. But you can make small changes, such as ordering direct, to improve your impact on our beautiful planet earth. And its always nice having your food brought to your door.

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